We build as it is ours ...


 New Building Construction

We handle new construction projects, ranging from pre-construction through to completion.
Pre-construction phase is one thing that is vital in the development process. Every project that we handle is equipped with technical working drawings that show details of the development process from planning to completion.

After the pre-construction phase produces a comprehensive work plan, construction can begin. Manpower to handle your project is people - people who are experienced in the field of construction, so that each stage of development certainly provide the best results.The development process is done by taking into account time and budget allocations, resulting in optimum quality and timely.

 Building Renovation

We are ready to help you if you want to do home remodeling, kitchen remodeling job well, toilet, front view, until the whole building. The entire renovation work is supported by an experienced team of architects and designers who are able to answer all your wishes, either minimalist design, modern, Mediterranean, classical, unique designs to suit any requirement.

We listened to all the clients' needs before determining the work plan, therefore each project must give satisfaction, even more value for the client. For those of you who want to build a residence for the elderly, we can prepare a special design with a specification that is friendly to the parents. Whatever the need, we are ready to provide the best solution for you.

 Architecture & Interior Design

We provide design services, ranging from architectural design to obtaining building permits, the overall employment picture planning (master plan), design the layout of the room, to the design and manufacture of interior room. The whole design work includes a master plan for residential, hotel, apartments, office buildings, shop, warehouse, with a variety of clients, ranging from private property to a developer. To deliver results in accordance with the desired design, each work is supported by the visualization of special drawing.